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Top Tips For Mastering Round Coffee Table Styling

Styling a round coffee table can present a unique set of challenges compared to other furniture pieces like shelves or desks. The limited space on a coffee table requires a selective approach to decorations, ensuring they harmonize seamlessly with the room's overall aesthetic. In this guide, we've compiled top tips to assist you in elevating the look of your round coffee table.


1. Incorporate a Coffee Table Tray

Coffee table trays, once purely functional, have evolved into stylish additions to enhance your round coffee table décor. A simple tray provides an excellent canvas to display a variety of decorations, making it visually appealing. Consider opting for vibrant, patterned trays to make your gold coffee table stand out without overwhelming it with additional ornaments.

Trays also offer a fantastic opportunity to stylize and personalize your living room. A round coffee table, such as one in walnut, naturally draws attention as a central feature, necessitating a balance between a neat appearance and visual interest. Items like flowers, plants, candles, trinkets, books, and fruit can be artfully arranged on a coffee table tray.


round marble coffee table

Calacatta Viola Marble Coffee Table


2. Less is More

Despite the surface area of your table, adhere to the principle that less is more in interior design. Styling a round coffee table involves ensuring that the table remains the focal point of the room. Items should look like they belong there without overcrowding the table. If you choose to use a coffee table tray, limit displays to the tray itself, avoiding clutter around it. If you prefer a more liberal approach to decorating, ensure all items complement each other, preventing color clashes.


3. Infuse Personality

Let your personality shine through your home décor, especially in the arrangement of your coffee table. Showcase your interests in a minimalistic manner; for instance, display books with beautiful covers and literary-themed trinkets if you're a bookworm. Arrange items like candles, favorite books, and a vase with preferred flowers in a visually pleasing way, utilizing the central positioning of a round coffee table for a curated look.


travertine round coffee table

Bomba Travertine Round Coffee Table


4. Embrace an Aesthetic

Even in the pursuit of a 'less is more' appearance, embracing an aesthetic can guide your coffee table decorating. A metallic centerpiece can offset a simplistic coffee table, drawing attention to the heart of your living room. Similarly, a bohemian aesthetic can make your coffee table stand out, especially in a neutrally toned room. While maintaining harmony with the overall room design, choosing an aesthetic allows for creative centerpieces and decorative trays that transform your coffee table into a captivating feature.



5. Choose the Right Round Coffee Table

Before delving into decorations, selecting the right round coffee table is crucial. Consider the size and color that will complement your room, ensuring it harmonizes with your desired décor. Explore a range of beautiful round coffee tables at to find the perfect table for your space. Once you've discovered your dream table, decorating it becomes the final step in completely transforming your home's interior décor.