Marble Sideboard

Styling Secrets: Transform Your Sideboard with These 6 Decor Tips

Sideboards are essential in any dining room, living room, or entryway. They offer not just a low-level surface for ornaments, plants, and more, but also concealed storage for crockery and dishes. Over the years, sideboards have evolved from mere storage units to stylish pieces that complement the room's design. To truly maximize their potential, it's crucial to consider how you decorate them.

Discover six top tips and tricks for sideboard decor that can transform an empty space or a cluttered catastrophe into a charming, elegant, and functional unit, suitable for any style - modern, mid-century, rustic, or in between.


Light it Up

Utilize the countertop space for a lamp, providing both ambient light for the room and highlighting the sideboard's surface. Opt for soft tones and low wattage for a pleasing effect.


Match to Tableware:

Harmonize the sideboard with the dinner table by matching tableware to the ornaments. Consistent styling with the same style serving bowls or matching color schemes creates a cohesive look.


Big Botanicals:

Elevate your sideboard with a burst of green using a variety of houseplants. Mix up leaf types and heights to add depth and interest, bringing a calming effect to your dining space.


A rustic wooden sideboard with several potted plants and decorative items like glass bottles and woven baskets.


Use the Space Above:

Style the wall above the sideboard with artwork, family photos, or eye-catching images. Placing an artwork centrally against the sideboard creates a feature wall effect, reflecting the style and color scheme.


An oval and tamoboured door sidetable is decorated with vases, books, and other decorative objects.


Display Table and Serving Ware:

Showcase your best crockery and serving dishes as stylish decor items. Displaying nice crockery and bold serving dishes adds a touch of elegance to the tabletop.


Create a Conversation Starter:

Use the sideboard as an opportunity to showcase unique items, like funny photos or unusual travel souvenirs. Start conversations by placing intriguing objects that capture your guests' interest.

By carefully choosing tabletop decorations, incorporating organic elements, and curating the wall space, you can turn your sideboard into a focal point that goes beyond mere functionality. Explore these sideboard decorating ideas to bring attention and style to this versatile piece of furniture.