8 Seater Marble Dining Tables

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13 products

8 Seater Marble Dining Table Sets - Ideal for Every Occasion

When it comes to dining, finding the perfect balance between too small and too large is an art. Enter our exquisite range of 8 seater marble dining table sets – the ideal compromise between cozy gatherings and grand celebrations. Discover the versatility and elegance that an 8 seater dining suite brings to your home.

Unveiling the 8 Seater Dining Table Set

An 8 seater marble dining table set consists of a dining table paired with eight matching dining chairs. Also known as 9 piece dining suites, these sets offer both functionality and style. The tables are commonly rectangular or square, providing options that complement various room sizes and designs. Explore our selection, including options with matching consoles and sideboards for a complete dining room ensemble.

Choosing Perfection: 8 Seater Dining Table Size and Shape

While all our 8 seater dining tables accommodate eight people, the sizes and shapes vary to suit diverse preferences. Opt for the inclusive ambiance of our rectangular dining tables, measuring 2400mm x 1000mm, as seen in the Sahara Noir Dining table collection. If a rectangular design is your preference, our tables typically range from 2000mm to 2700mm in length, accommodating three people on each side and two at the ends.

Benefits of the 8 Seater Marble Dining Table Set

The undeniable advantage of an 8 seater marble dining table set lies in the perfect match between the table and chairs. This cohesive pairing enhances the overall look of your dining area, especially when combined with matching dining room furniture. Explore collections like:

Akira Dining Table

Amiga Dining Table

Sienna Dining Table

and various other pieces for a magazine-worthy home decor style.

Complete Your Dining Experience

Our commitment to enhancing your dining space extends beyond 8 seater sets. Explore our comprehensive dining room furniture range, including:

6 seater dining sets

10 seater dining sets

Elevate every mealtime experience with Elsa Home & Beauty's diverse and stylish dining furniture collections.

8 Seater marble Dining Table FAQ

Are there different types of marble available for 8-seater dining tables?

Yes, marble comes in various types and colors. Carrara marble is known for its classic white appearance, while Calacatta marble boasts bolder veining. Choose a marble variety that resonates with your style and complements your dining room decor.

Will the weight of the marble affect the stability of the dining table?

Not at all! Our 8-seater marble dining tables are designed with sturdy and durable bases to ensure stability. The weight of the marble adds to the table's robustness, creating a piece that is both functional and visually striking.

How do I incorporate accent chairs with my 8-seater marble dining table?

Mixing and matching chairs is a fantastic way to add personality to your dining space. Choose accent chairs with complementary colors or unique designs to create an eclectic and stylish look around your 8-seater marble dining table.

Do you offer international shipping for your 8-seater marble dining tables?

Yes, we provide international shipping for our exquisite 8-seater marble dining tables. Contact our customer service for shipping details and any additional information required for international orders.