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The Art of Side Table Selection for Living Rooms and Bedrooms

In the realm of interior design, side tables play the role of reliable sidekicks, much like the indispensable companions in a superhero movie. Just as a hero depends on their support, your sofa and bed require sturdy allies to both enhance functionality and complete the overall aesthetic. In this guide, we'll explore the versatility, storage capabilities, spatial considerations, and aesthetic appeal that make side tables a standout piece in your home.

Versatile Companions:

Often underestimated, the versatility of side tables cannot be overstated. Beyond their mobility, these tables provide an opportunity to introduce diverse textures to your living room while offering a convenient resting spot for coffee mugs or a captivating novel. Elevated above coffee tables, side tables seamlessly align with your sofa, keeping your coffee table space clutter-free.


travertine side table

Venturi Travertine Side Table


In terms of decor, side tables empower you to effortlessly incorporate various items into your living room. Elevate the ambiance with greenery or artificial plants for a burst of color, or showcase a sculptural decor piece to infuse your personality into the space.

Out-of-Sight Storage:

In the bedroom, a side table becomes an essential storage solution, particularly in the form of bedside tables. These bedside sidekicks provide a perfect home for your reading lamp, books, candles, or plant companions. Opting for a side table with drawers, such as our Nero Marquina Bedside Table Set, ensures your bedside essentials are neatly stowed away yet easily accessible.


Black Marble Side Tables

Nero Marquina Pedestal Side Table Set


Balancing Spatial Harmony:

While side tables add character to a space, moderation is key. The question of how many side tables are suitable for a living room or bedroom is subjective and depends on your space and setup. A general rule of thumb is to stick to a pair, allowing your furniture to breathe while providing ample storage. If space permits, consider two side tables; otherwise, a single side table can still achieve the desired effect without overcrowding the room.


Red Marble Side Table

Corba Marble Side Table


Aesthetic Allure:

Side tables come in an array of styles and designs, acting as transformative elements in a space. A wooden side table introduces a natural and subtle touch, while a marble side table injects texture and color. For those with vibrant bedding and cushions, a red bedside table like our Corba Side Table provides an understated yet ideal option. Consider a side table with intricate patterns or metal details, such as our Juniper Side Table, to add a sculptural element to your room.

When searching for the perfect side-kick, explore our online range of side tables to discover options that harmonize with your space. Elevate your living room and bedroom aesthetics with a side table that not only complements your furniture but also showcases your unique style.