About us

Marble Stonemason

Every Piece Comes With A Story

The team at Elsa Home & Beauty translate their passion for architecture and interior design into bespoke high-end furniture. What lies at the heart of what we do is a burning passion and importantly a respect for the inherent beauty of natural stone, and its defining characteristic - that no two pieces are identical meaning that every product has its own fingerprint and a unique history.

What is Elsa Home & Beauty's absolute strength? Their team of specialists in their atelier abroad that processes all raw materials, slabs and stone blocks into products of the highest level of quality.

Marble Stonemason

passionate craftsmanship

Elsa Home and Beauty has spent years fostering relationships with manufacturers that draw on the "Made in Italy" values equipt with cutting edge engineering and technological know how that assist with helping these bespoke products come to life

Marble Quarry

Our Focus on Sustainability

At Elsa Home & Beauty, sustainability is at the heart of our commitment to excellence. In tandem with our dedication to producing premium marble products, we pride ourselves on our sustainable practices. Embracing a holistic approach, we utilize off cuts and remnants of marble in crafting our exquisite pieces, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

By incorporating these remnants, we not only reduce environmental impact but also transform unused materials into stunning, functional works of art. Our collaboration with the foremost designers reflects our unwavering commitment to merging aesthetics with eco-conscious practices.