Marble Home Decor Ideas

Marble Decor Ideas To Get That Lux Look

It’s no surprise that when one thinks marble the next thought is luxury. Marble is one of the most popular natural stone materials for use in interior and exterior design and construction. Marble room decor can elevate just about any space from bland to wow in a variety of ways.

Don’t worry though, you don’t necessarily have to go top-to-toe marble either! We’ll go through all the marble decor ideas you need to know to achieve that luxe look no matter your budget. 


Accessorise with Marble

Let’s start our breakdown of marble decor ideas with the small stuff. Marble accessories are the perfect answer if you’re dreaming of infusing a luxe look into your home but don’t have the money to invest heavily.

Something as simple as a marble decorative tray placed delicately on a coffee table or a marble chopping board in the kitchen will catch the eye and really make a big statement despite its size. Plus, marble is the perfect stone to match with just about any interior styling. Rustic, Scandinavian, modern… Marble accessories simply add a bit of flair and sophistication with seamless ease.



Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is a very popular choice for modern and luxurious homes. Why? Because it simply looks amazing! With plenty of colours, veining patterns and shades to choose from, there’s a marble slab for just about every application.

Every room of the house has a floor, which means you can incorporate marble throughout your home to truly take it to the next level. Or you can savour the luxury and simply add marble to one room or entranceway.

The choice of where to apply this magnificent material is up to you. 


Feature Walls

Like flooring, walls are a common application for natural stone in general and marble in particular.

While nothing sends a message of luxury quite like seemingly unending walls of marble, you don’t have to decide to use this stone for every wall.

A feature wall made of marble or adorned with marble cladding will add true sophistication and royalty to any room. The rich vibrancy of the classic marble veining and iconic milky shading (though the various other colours look just as amazing) make for a truly jaw-dropping and impressive feature wall choice. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms… Wherever you include marble, that luxe feeling is going to follow.


Minimalist Luxury

For fans of the ultra-modern or minimalist style marble decor offers the opportunity to retain the sleek, uncluttered design without risking losing glamour to blandness. White Marble and its various off-white shades keeps the space feeling cool and looking bright while allowing for an elegant level of luxury to be achieved. When choosing other marble room decor though, make sure you choose furniture and accessories in line with your chosen minimalist style.

Though of course, if minimalism isn’t your thing, marble can sure accommodate…


The Royal Treatment

Marble oozes luxury and there’s no reason to shy away from that. As far as marble use in interior design goes you can pair rich white marble and rose gold room decor with warm, glamorous accessories. From furs to brass tapware and Persian carpets to velvet window drapes, there’s no amount of opulence that marble can’t match!


Marble Island

Island benchtops in kitchens are functional and fashionable, but nothing looks better than a marble Dining Table as the centrepiece to one of the most important spaces in the house. Marble, when treated and maintained, is a highly durable material and so makes for an excellent choice of stone for the kitchen. Simply by including a marble benchtop, you’ll find that the entirety of your kitchen feels more luxurious in its presence.





If you’re dying to infuse the luxe look of marble into your kitchen but don’t want to make the investment required for a countertop, consider an elegant, understated splashback. While marble does require sealing and care when used in areas with high exposure to activity and liquid, there’s simply no question that a splash back of exquisite marble will underscore your entire kitchen with a feeling of luxury and sophistication. 




Marble in Bathrooms

Your bathroom is your space and you deserve to feel special in it. Marble stone in a bathroom achieves the perfect balance of cool colouring for that spacious, roomy feeling you want whilst transforming the area into pure luxury. Much like the kitchen, your application of marble decor can vary with your budget. Floor to ceiling marble will take your bathroom up more than a couple of notches in beauty, but even just a vanity top or basin of marble can truly add that desired luxe aesthetic. 


Marble in Bedrooms

Perhaps less common but no less visually appealing, using marble decor in the bedroom is a gamechanger. Marble and rose gold bedroom decor, for example, is a popular choice of colouring to achieve that subtle, royal-esque look. Once again, you can limit your use of marble to a simple table top or accessory, or you can add wall-cladding, marble fireplaces or luxury flooring with elegantly spread rugs that match the hues and tones of your chosen stone. Incorporating marble in the bedroom is a simple way of making a sophisticated statement.


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