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Fireplace Decor Ideas For All Seasons

Having a fireplace in your home was mostly functional once upon a time, but they remain a unique way to provide warmth and infuse character into a house. A fireplace and mantel almost always becomes the centrepiece of any room. It draws the eyes of guests and is sure to leave a lasting impression one way or the other. 

That’s exactly why when you’re choosing your fireplace decor it’s important to bear in mind that while you’re likely to put the fireplace to good use during the colder months, you’ll want to prioritise fireplace decor ideas that are suitable for all seasons.

To help you out, we’ve curated some of the best fireplace ideas that won’t date with the years or the season.


Symmetrical Decor

Keeping your fireplace decor symmetrical and balanced is an easy way to ensure it’s timeless..

Whether you add accessories, indoor plants, or art make sure you mirror the same style and design on the other side of the mantel and your positioning is centered. Even if you don’t use the same ornaments on both sides, make sure it’s evenly balanced nonetheless.

Keeping the design of your fireplace and the decor symmetrical will ensure that as the seasons change your fireplace won’t start to look out of place or overbearing in the living room. 


Rustic or Country Styling

While some like to differentiate between country decor and rustic styles, we’re going to lump them together under the category of earthy, rural aesthetics.

Incorporating country decorating ideas for fireplace mantels, like exposed brick, is an excellent way to ensure a timeless visual quality that won’t detract from any other woods or natural stones used in your interior design.

Old, unfinished-looking wooden mantels complement the country vibes of a rustic decor, especially when decorating old fireplaces.


Modern Fireplace Decor

Let’s flip the script and go in the opposite styling direction. An ultra-modern fireplace might not seem like an instinctive choice but the sleek, minimalism of modern interior design will help to keep your fireplace architecturally impressive even when not actually in use.

Your fireplace offers an additional opportunity to infuse your home’s overall style into another feature of the house.


Dark Colour Schemes

Of course, a dark interior colour scheme is not for everyone or suited for every home but it certainly makes for a bold statement. Dark stones or woods bring a moody and dramatic atmosphere to a home both when the fire is blazing and during sunny months. A dark mantel and fireplace is sure to be a conversation starter and eye opener.


Bold, Bright Fireplaces

If you want to do bold but don’t do the dark, a bright fireplace and mantel is a great decor idea. Bright colours, whether you want to go all white or not, will help bring light and a feeling of airy roominess to your home. Oranges, red and yellows go well with fireplaces for obvious reasons and will even evoke the visual iconography of the fireplace during non-fire seasons.


Go Scandinavian

Scandinavian styling focuses on simplicity and functionality. As far as fireplace decor ideas go, bringing a Sacndi feel to your fireplace is a great way to keep the area warm enough to feel homely but minimalistic enough not to make the room feel overstuffed or crowded.


Place Some Plants

Greenery and indoor plants are becoming more and more popular as indoor design choices. Your fireplace need not be any different. Placing some ferns and delicately arrayed inside plants can bring a natural quality and environmental feel to your home and fireplace. Winter or summer, plants never go out of style.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are always an excellent choice to adorn a mantel and fireplace. Mirrors in general are a fantastic way to make the room feel longer and roomier. Throw in there the mesmerising visuals of a blazing fireplace and you’ll make a real impression on family members and visitors.

The best part of placing a mirror by your fireplace is that even when it isn’t in use, your decor won’t make the feature look out of place or odd in any season. Plus, if you feel like adding extra luxury and wow-factor into your fireplace space you can opt for an ornate-style mirror as well.


Smart Art Choices

Displaying a thoughtful piece of art centred and above your fireplace is an excellent fireplace decor idea for all seasons. Artwork always plays an important role in interior design and can be used to balance your fireplace by adding a second layer on a surface that is often left bare and under-utilised.


Hang A TV

If you’re not sold on the mirror or artwork ideas but still want to use the space above your fireplace, incorporating a TV into the design is an excellent choice. You can leave a hanging TV exposed, build it into flanks or panels in the wall, or incorporate minimalist accessories around or under it on the mantelpiece as well. It’s a functional and fashionable way to decorate your fireplace.


Traditional Clock

A fourth option we recommend for non-seasonal specific fireplace decor to sit above the mantel is a classic, traditional clock. You can customise your choice of clock to suit your preferred style. Oversized, maximalist clocks look fantastic and draw the eye upwards. At the same time, a small, sleek clock will ensure that the space doesn’t feel too busy especially if you’re thinking of pairing this design choice with other accessories, photos, ornaments or houseplants.


Natural Stone

Nothing beats natural stone! Durable in use and magnificent in appearance, the look of exposed natural stone coupled with a fireplace will put a smile on your face all year long.

With so many different types of stone, colour/shading, veining and patterns, you can find the perfect type of stone to suit your fireplace architecture and match the rest of your house. Not to mention the fact that natural stone is long-lasting and super easy to maintain.


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