Marble Bathtubs

The Surprising Benefits of Marble Bathtubs

Natural stone is a very popular choice of material for a range of applications in home design and construction. Quartz, limestone, granite, and onyx are just a few of the commonly used natural stones, but amongst the most popular is 

Marble is and has been a favourite material for a long time. Despite its luxury appearance and delicate aesthetic, this durable and practical stone can be used throughout the home in kitchens, staircases, flooring and, of course, bathrooms.

Using marble in the bathroom is a surefire way of introducing an elegant aesthetic no matter how you use it. Some of the common usages include basins, flooring, walls and vanities.

However, there is another application which is becoming more and more popular in recent years: marble bathtubs.

There are numerous benefits to using marble for your bath and some of them can actually be quite surprising!


Luxury Aesthetic

Let’s start with the obvious one. Marble just looks amazing. Period.

There’s a good reason why royal palaces and glamorous mansions incorporate marble at every opportunity. Marble brings with it a purity and elegance that simply cannot be matched by most other building materials, even other natural stones.

As a bathtub, marble works a charm and can be used as a signature feature piece or tastefully designed to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the bathroom’s decor.


Colour Choice

This might be surprising for some, but one of the many benefits of marble stone is the variety in choice of style.

Of course, there’s the classic marble look typified by the Carrara C but there’s also the rich blue-greyness of a Bardiglio marble, as well as the red-and-white blend of Red Marble , and the sophisticated Gold Marble! There are so many varieties of styles and colours in marble stone that your availability of choice is basically unlimited.


Smart Investment

You might not think about a bathtub as an investment, but all of your interior design choices contribute to the overall value of your home. Your bathroom’s design is no different.

Marble floors and walls look stunning in a bathroom, but not everyone is ready to make that financial and/or fashion commitment. Starting with a marble bathtub is a great way to elevate the entire bathroom from the get-go!

In terms of the overall value of your home, the luxurious nature of marble--both functionally and stylistically--adds an immense quality to any house.



Marble, with its classic white-and-veined style, just oozes style and sophistication. A marble bathtub looks almost like a jewel in a bathroom, so you’d be forgiven for assuming that a marble bath is a delicate bath. It just isn’t so!

Marble is naturally a very hardy and durable material, making it a perfect option for your bathtub. With proper maintenance and some simple, easy cleaning your marble bath will last forever.


Easy Maintenance

Taking good care of a bathtub shouldn’t cause a headache. Somewhat surprisingly, marble bathtubs don’t require a strict regimen of intense cleaning to maintain well. All you need is a clean and wet cloth. Regular, light wiping is all you need to keep your bath looking invitingly clean. 

More intense cleaning options are available for occasional application. While highly acidic chemical cleaners can be damaging to marble, your marble bathtub will be just right with a neutral pH detergent


Custom Moulds

Marble, like other natural stone, is quarried from the ground and cut into slabs. From these large slabs the kitchen benchtop or floor tiles are cut to form and shape.

Due to the nature of this process, when it comes to bathtubs, marble offers the ability to create custom molds from a single piece of large marble. Whether you love sheer, square-shaped baths or adore the soft, rounded tub design, marble stone is available for both and looks exquisite in either application.

Also, because the tub mold can be created from a single slab, the lack of seams joining multiple stone pieces means no mould can grow in the cracks or water leak through and cause damage.


Freestanding or Wall-Set Versatility

The shape and style of your bathtub isn’t the only aspect that is customisable with marble. Freestanding baths (without the clawed feet of an older style) are becoming more and more popular, especially in modern and/or minimalist homes. Marble freestanding baths are just as eye catching as wall or corner set options. 

In a nutshell, marble allows you to choose your style, your placement and your design.


Budget Option

Marble, like other natural stone materials, is available at a variety of price points depending on the specific stone, slab and availability. Despite this, marble is known as one of the more expensive materials for use in bathtubs, but this is for good reason: it’s stunningly beautiful, very high quality and offers long-lasting durability.

If, however, you’re in love with the aesthetics of marble (and who would blame you) but require a more affordable option, marble coated bathtubs--as opposed to a single piece molded into a tub shape--might be a worthwhile consideration.


Non-Slip Marble

Baths, showers, and bathrooms in general get pretty wet which obviously poses safety concerns. The sheerness and smoothness of marble stone might instinctively concern you for this very same reason.

The surprising benefit of marble bathtubs is that they can also come with non-slip solutions, custom manufactured for your application. In fact, the Elsa Home and Beauty team are specialists at doing just that! You won’t have to sacrifice your love of marble to find a practical and safe bathtub


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