Marble Vs Wooden Dining Tables

Marble Vs Wooden Dining Tables

Dining tables are a centrepiece of a home both stylistically and functionally. Whether it’s being used in a casual, family-centered capacity or as part of a more formal evening, your dining table top is an important component. 

Choosing the right material for your dining table can be a bit confusing. While both marble table tops and wood dining tables are popular and classic options, there are certainly different advantages and disadvantages to each material. 


Marble Table Tops

Marble dining table tops are most commonly made out of a single slab of quarried and cut marble stone that sits on top of a base. Just because the table top is marble, doesn’t mean that the base needs to be. Metal, wood, or a different stone are all perfectly good substitutes for use in your dining room table’s base. 

While marble is most famous for its iconic snowy white colouring and cloudy grey vein patterns, there’s a surprising variety in colours and styles available. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunity to further customise your slab of marble with different edges (such as beveled, rounded or squared) as well as shape and size. 




Nothing beats marble stone for luxury. Apart from the general connotation of expense and opulence, a marble dining table top can elevate an entire room into feeling more elegant and royal.


If owning one-of-a-kind items is up your alley, a marble table is just the thing for you. Due to the fact that stone is quarried directly from the Earth, no two slabs in the world are exactly alike so your marble table top will truly be unique.


Marble, as with all natural stone, is a very durable and hardy material which makes it excellent for use in dining room tables. Your table is likely to see a lot of activity, so the long term return on investment in marble is more than worth it. 




The truth is that marble isn’t the cheapest of building materials. So, if you’re operating on a tight budget you may want to consider how much a marble slab in your required size will cost you. Of course, its longevity and durability make marble table tops economically effective if you have the available budget for it.


Marble stone does require regular resealing to keep it protected from being damaged, scratched or spills. Especially if you’re going to be using marble in your dining table, you’ll want to know that it is protected from the inevitable accidents that go on while eating.


Marble stone is more porous than other materials. This means that it can be more susceptible to damage, whether it’s a chip, crack or spill. However, with simple maintenance and regular cleaning, you can keep your marble looking spectacular. 



Wood Table Tops

Wood dining tables are quite common throughout Australia. Of course, the term ‘wood’ covers a wide spectrum of different types of material: from gum to beech and mahogany to bamboo. In addition to this, wood table tops come in an equally wide range of shades, can be painted into even more colours, and offer a number of different options of finishes. 

Coupled with the fact that wood is quite easy to cut, mold and carve into shapes of all kinds, there’s just about no limit on the variations of a wood dining room table top. 




Real wooden table table tops offer longevity and retain their aesthetics and functionality for many years. So, if you’re looking to make your money stretch further, a wood table could be a good option.


As we mentioned above, there’s just about no limitation on what can be achieved aesthetically with a wooden table. Shape, size, colour, style… The choice is basically yours! Plus, there’s even a wide range of species of wood, so you are bound to find the one that suits your tastes perfectly. 


Dining room tables with a wooden top are quite versatile in their styling. The right wood table won’t look any more out of place during a formal dinner party you’re hosting than during a casual meal with family. 




Like marble, wood dining tables can be pricey. Bear in mind that not all tables advertised as wooden are actually made from natural, solid wood. Many are hybrids and include other materials. For the solid wood table tops, you could be looking at a higher price than other types of tables.


Wooden tables can be surprisingly heavy. While this may not be a problem if you have no intentions of moving it, if you do regularly move the table or need a dining table that you can move without bringing in extra muscle, you may need to reconsider. 

Repair Work

Wood is generally quite a durable and tough material but it can be scratched and dented with regular use. Over the long term, unless you maintain it properly, the wood itself can even warp. If your wooden table top is damaged, getting it repaired or covered can be a challenge as the wood may be difficult to match perfectly. 


Making the Choice Between Marble and Wood Dining Tables

So how do you choose between a marble dining table top and a wood dining table? Ultimately it comes down to you and your particular application. Consider the overall style that you’re going for in your dining room or living area. Think about your budget as well as your willingness to ensure regular, habitual cleaning and maintenance is done. 

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