Marble Coffee Table Styling

How to Style a Marble Coffee Table

Marble Coffee Table Styling in the Home

Marble stone can be used just about everywhere and anywhere in the home. From the kitchen floor to the entryway and from your bathroom to your staircase, marble looks and functions wonderfully. One of perhaps the lesser known applications of this fantastic natural stone is the humble coffee table.

Marble coffee tables are becoming more and more popular but remain one of the lesser known applications. If you’re considering different ways of incorporating marble in your home, we’d highly recommend the coffee table.


How to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in all sorts of styles, sizes and shapes. Normally, they are placed in the centre of a living room, lounge or sitting area.

With the primary purpose of providing a surface for holding drinks, snacks, books, and other items that you may want to have within reach from the couch or sofa, many people miss out on the potential styling a coffee table has to offer.

Choosing marble for your coffee table can turn an almost purely functional piece of furniture into a focal point and stylish centrepiece in and of itself. You and your family or guests are bound to sit around the coffee table and socialise, so why not make the most and turn it into something spectacular?

Of course, styling a coffee table in the right way can be easier said than done. After all, you don’t want the table to seem empty nor do you want to overshadow the hero of the marble itself. To help you, here are some ideas to get you started with discovering how to style a coffee table.


Marble Coffee Table Styling Ideas 


  1.  Choose Complementary Colours

One of the important first decisions to make when styling a marble coffee table is to consider the colours. Think about the colour of the marble itself and consider which contrasting or complementary colours you want to use in your styling. If your marble coffee table is a strikingly bold colour, you may want to opt for neutral accessories so that the aesthetic isn’t too overwhelming. If you have a neutral coloured coffee table, think about what sort of colours you want to infuse into the space to bring the table and its surroundings to life.

  1.  Focus on Texture

Somewhat counterintuitively, the aesthetics of a marble coffee table styling isn’t just about how it looks. To add visual interest to your marble coffee table, incorporate a mix of textures and materials into your decor. This could mean opting for a plush throw blanket or a raised patterned pillow on your sofa. Most coffee tables are smooth, clean and polished, so think about how you can incorporate some contrasting texture.

  1.  Use Different Heights

Playing around with heights is a strong way to create a lasting (and positive) visual impression. Neatly stacked books, vases of flowers, pot plants or even a decorative basket or box beside the table can create a nice visual eye line that is engaging without being overwhelming or off putting. 

  1.  Focal Points

Focal points are important for interior design, and all visual design for that matter, as you, your family and your guests’ eyes will all naturally focus on one thing to begin with. By putting care and consideration into your focal point you can help to influence what that one first impressionable thing is. A marble coffee table can be a beautiful focal point in your living room on its own, so consider styling it to draw the eye. Think of a sculpture or a vase if you’re looking for accessories. In terms of the rest of your lounge or room, think about how your furniture can be arranged in a natural way that places the coffee table in the centre. Even lighting in the form of a table or floor map can be used effectively in this regard.

  1.  Do Not Clutter

When it comes to marble coffee table styling, keep it simple. Believe us when we say that less really is more. By avoiding clutter and limiting the number of accessories and decor items on the table, you can ensure the focus remains on the beautiful marble table itself. This will help to create a sense of balance and harmony in your living room as well as hero the coffee table. 

  1.  Group Items in Trays

If you’re confident with your coffee table styling, an array of accessories can be deftly displayed in a seemingly random order. For the rest of us, simple and elegant trays can be an excellent way to group items together in a manner that seems cohesive and intentional. It also helps to keep the rest of your marble table as clean and uncluttered as possible. 


A Checklist of What to Consider When Coffee Table Styling

  • Think about the overall aesthetic of the entire living space or room.
  • Look around for what other visual elements and focal points already exist.
  • Consider what sort of furniture is in the room and how they are styled.
  • Think about whether the coffee table is actually used and how it is used, or whether it is purely decorative. 
  • Consider when you’re most likely to sit around the coffee table. For example, Candles can be excellent for primarily night-time use while greenery will perfectly complement day-time use. 
  • Remember to consider the size and shape of your coffee table. Keep your styling and accessories proportional to the size of the table unless you’re deliberately playing around visually. 
  • Consider what sort of items you want included on the table, how you can arrange them in a pleasant yet balanced mix that looks engaging without being cluttered.


Your Marble Coffee Table Awaits at Elsa Home & Beauty

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If you’d like to come into our showroom to view our jaw-dropping selection of marble or you’d simply like to help styling a marble coffee table you already have, make sure to reach out to our team.


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