Marble Console Table

How To Decorate A Marble Console Like A Pro

Hallways, entryways, foyers… There’s no need to relegate them to just being an entrance! Every space of your house offers ample opportunity for personal expression, aesthetic decoration and exceptional styling. One of the easy ways to decorate your entryway is with a console table.

It doesn’t matter whether you have elevated ceilings, an enormous entry-foyer or even a cramped little corner that guides guests and visitors into your home, there’s plenty of hallway table decor ideas for you to peruse and draw inspiration from. 


Keep Colour Scheme Consistent

The first rule about decorating your Console Table is to keep the colour scheme consistent throughout the space. No, this doesn’t mean you can only choose one colour. It means that you need to take care to match and complement your choice of colour palette.

We’ll dive into some specific colour-related Console Table ideas below, but for now it suffices to say that any decorations, ornaments, wallpaper or artwork should work in conjunction with your choice of table and not in opposition to it.


Include Greenery On Your Table

A bare Console Table and empty entrance can instantly be livened up with the inclusion of even minimal greenery. A houseplant or even just considerately placed cuttings of leaves can bring a natural and living feel to your hallway.

Depending on the plant you choose, you could balance the height with a tall empty vase if the plant is short or if the greenery is tall you can add a wooden decorative bowl or even a short pile of books.


Minimal But Luxury Accessories

Luxury accessories offer an opportunity to infuse a sophisticated sense of opulence to your entryway. We recommend keeping luxury materials to a minimum though. Not because they don’t look great–they do!–but because you don’t want to overwhelm guests as they enter your home. Keeping a few select luxury accessories will retain that initial wow factor without losing the effect in a sea of overwhelming design choices. 


Maintain Balance But Not Necessarily Symmetry

Balance and symmetry are not the same thing in interior design. Maintaining balance when decorating your Console Table is a must, but that does not mean symmetry (necessarily). Displays on your Console Table should be spread out in such a way that it doesn’t draw the eye too much to one side while leaving the other bare.

Heavy-looking or large items on one side of the table can be counterbalanced with something light on the other side. Balancing materials is also important: you don’t want a continuous mesh of wood, stone or metal when you should be focusing on breaking up and balancing the different aesthetics.


Feature Colour

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with an intentionally monochrome colour palette but we do love a good feature colour, especially when decorating Console Tables.

A bright red accessory, a pale blue feature wall behind the table, a shot of greenery, or even a pink piece of art can really do wonders to a space.

Colour, used tastefully and in measured amounts, is super important in interior design.


Warm Accessories

Warm accessories are a really great way to decorate your Console Table. We’re thinking of brass lamps, wooden artefacts, and the like. These warm coloured and soft-edged decorations will add depth and sophistication to your entrance without being overwhelming or too in-your-face.


Modern Art

While not the opposite of warm accessories, but certainly a different direction, contemporary or modern art can really be used to great effect. Whether it’s an abstract sculpture placed on top of the hallway table or a contemporary piece of artwork hung directly behind and above it, it’s an easy way to bring style and/or colour to an otherwise under-utilised area of the home.


Bold Artwork

Let’s take the above suggestion one step further. Bold artwork favours the bold. If you have a particularly neutral entryway with an understated hallway table, a big, bold piece of wall art will snap the entire space into life.

It works the other way around as well.

Darker walls and entryways can be completely transformed by the infusion of a bright shock of white or light piece of art. 


Natural And Simple

If your interior design palette is more simple in nature, keep your decorations minimal with perhaps some white, simple vases or some natural materials and ornaments. A well restrained and sweetly plain Console Table  comes with its own (often underrated) appeal.


Background Wallpaper

Decorating a Console Table  isn’t always, contrary to popular belief, about decorating the hallway table. Wallpaper is a really effective and affordable option for adding a special something to your hallway.

Intricate patterns spread wall to wall can balance a simple hallway table, while subtly patterned and shaded wallpaper can neutralise the effects of a more ornate and opulently-styled table.


Mirror And White Accessories

A hallway can often seem like a claustrophobic area of the home. Opting for a large, flat mirror above a Console Table  coupled with white and simple accessories will help create a feeling of expansiveness and openness. 


Feature A Photo Gallery

Photo galleries, made up of a series of small and carefully placed images above your hallway table, is an excellent way to decorate your entrance and add a truly personal touch.


Bold Darkness

A dark choice of wallpaper behind a golden or marble Console Table is not just a bold statement but an excellent one.

It truly creates an ambience that is not just appealing but memorable too. While not ideal for extremely compact entrance halls, if you have some space to stair a bold, dark colour scheme will make one strong statement.


Highlight A Marble Console Table

If you’re truly going for understated excellence, nothing beats a marble hallway table. Keep your decoration of a marble table to a minimum and focus on highlighting the table itself with a mirror or simple lamp.


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