Decorative Plinths and Marble Side Tables

10 Ways to use decorative plinths or side tables in your home

A decorative pedestal stand offers more opportunity to introduce style and character into your home than you might realise. But while there’s a lot of potential, knowing how to decorate a pedestal stand is key. 

The last thing you need to do is overshadow the pedestal itself, clutter the surrounding room, or choose the wrong accessory to adorn your decorative pedestal with. 

We’ve put together a list of pedestal home decor ideas to help inspire you and get you thinking about the many possibilities to take your living, dining or lounge room to a whole new level.


1. Lamps

Lamps are a classic accessory with which to decorate your pedestal. For one thing, there is the practical benefit of adding extra light to your room. However, even more importantly, lamps come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs so you can find one that is perfect for the rest of your home’s decor and the particular spot on which you place your pedestal. 




2. Decorative Pots

Decorative pots are a fantastic feature piece to incorporate in a home. Whether or not they cost a mint, they’ll look fantastic and equal to just about any other piece of art. As with the first idea on this list, there’s plenty of variety in decorative pots both in terms of the aesthetics and also the shape and size. Of course, an empty pot–no matter how decorative–might not be everyone’s cup of tea. There’s still plenty of other ideas to consider.


 3. Flowers

Who doesn’t like a bunch of fresh, beautiful and vibrant flowers? A decorative pedestal provides an unbeatable surface on which to rest and display your bouquet. Tasteful and exquisite, a pedestal and flower combination is an easy and low hassle way to elevate the entire room. Plus, whereas flowers displayed on a large table or bench can tend to get lost or shunted to a corner, displaying it on a decorative pedestal stand will keep it top of kind and in the centre of guests’ and visitors’ eyes. 


 4. Seasonal Decor

If you want to take your pedestal display to a new level, consider adding something seasonal and timely. Whether it’s candles, seasonal greenery, shells or potpourri, knowing how to decorate a pedestal stand for the particular season will add a sense of freshness to your room and keep the area feeling new and exciting for the whole family. 


5. Books

Books are such a simple way to accessorise your decorative stand it’s no wonder most people don’t consider it. Nonetheless, books are an excellent way to add height and style to your pedestal. After all, we all understand the value and appeal of coffee table books; books tastefully arranged on a strategically placed decorative pedestal can be just as effective.


6. Personal Accessories

If you have personal or sentimental accessories, whether it’s fancy China or a single aromatic candle, a decorative pedestal gives you the opportunity to both display items that you love and draw attention to the accessories that look the best. We always recommend mixing and matching with different designs and even accessory placements to see what looks best and works for you and your home. 


7. Busts and Statues

This pedestal stand idea is pretty bold but it can certainly make a lasting and positive impression on your visitors and guests. As long as the bust or statue you choose matches the type and material your pedestal is made of, it can be an artistic and unique addition to any room. Of course, you can go as big or small as you’d like and your room requires. 


8. Sculpture

If you’re not quite onboard with a bust or statue, consider decorating your pedestal with a sculpture. Apart from being a work of art in and of itself, pedestals allow you to display an artistic sculpture in a refined way. Once again, the choice of sculpture is up to you, so you can truly customise your pedestal and the space.




9. Rugs

So far all of our pedestal home decor ideas have been focused on items and accessories placed on top of the pedestal. However, there’s plenty of potential below as well. Decorative rugs can do a lot more than just add warmth and charm to the space. They can serve to further highlight the artistic value of the pedestal itself. 


10. Customise the Pedestal

Yet another way to use your decorative pedestal is to turn it into a piece of art itself. Whether you choose to simply paint it a new colour or tile it with a beautiful material, such as natural stone (think marble), there are plenty of ways in which you can customise the pedestal. Bring out your inner artist to transform your pedestal into a work of art.


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