Marble Plinth

From Quarry to Gallery: The Tale of Marble Plinths

Marble, revered by the Greeks and Romans for its elegance, takes a contemporary turn in the form of Marble Plinths. Departing from traditional uses, these plinths serve as stunning showcases for sculptures, lamps, and various home decor items. Each Marble Plinth is a unique piece, a testament to the individuality of the marble it's crafted from. With intricate detailing shaped by nature over time, these plinths boast veins of silt, sand, clay, iron oxides, or chert grains, adding a dash of color and texture. Embrace the essence of quality and beauty as you explore the versatile uses of Marble Plinths in elevating your home decor.





 Indulge in the perfection of Marble Plinths, meticulously assembled by hand to ensure flawless alignment. Our podiums showcase a harmonious blend of consistency in shape and superior quality, each adorned with a unique marbling pattern. The exquisite marble selection includes Nero Marquina from the north of Spain, Carrara and Calacatta Viola from Italy, and Grey Kendzo from Iran. All sharing a low refraction index, these marbles allow light to gently penetrate the surface, creating an enchanting aura. Elsa Home & Beauty's commitment to simplicity and stringent quality control allows the innate beauty of marble to take center stage, speaking volumes through timeless shapes and unparalleled craftsmanship.


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