Marble Furniture Caring

Caring For Your Marble Furniture

Marble, a timeless natural stone with elegant veins and color variations, has adorned furniture designs for centuries. However, despite its versatility, marble requires proper care to maintain its beauty. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essential tips for caring for your marble furniture, offering insights on protection against stains and scratches.


Protecting Your Marble: Sealing and Practical Measures

Sealing for Long-lasting Protection

While marble furniture exudes durability, proper sealing is crucial to prevent stains and scratches. At KING, our meticulous approach involves using a high-quality concentrated wax dissolved in a non-inflammable solvent. This wax is buffed into the marble, ensuring deep penetration into pores, resulting in maximum protection and a durable mirror finish. Additionally, employing coasters and boards prevents direct contact between food or drinks and the marble surface, enhancing longevity.


Franca Travertine Dining Table



Practical Measures to Avoid Damage

To maintain your marble's pristine appearance, avoid placing hot items directly on the surface. Implement the use of coasters to shield against spills. Swiftly wipe up any spills with a clean damp cloth, reducing the risk of potential damage.


Understanding Marble Stains and Etching

Causes of Stains and Etching

Even sealed marble can be susceptible to staining or etching. Etching, a corrosive reaction to acidic substances like coffee, citrus, and wine, removes the surface layer, revealing raw marble beneath. On the other hand, stains occur when liquids penetrate the marble, causing discoloration within the stone.


Green Bedside Table

Juniper Green Marble Bedside Table



Marble Cleaning Techniques and Stain Removal

General Guidelines for Cleaning

When dealing with spills, immediate action is crucial. Different stains require unique cleaning methods and products. The general steps include removing loose debris, blotting spills, flushing the area with water and mild soap, thorough drying with a soft cloth, and repetition if necessary. Always test cleaning chemicals in a small, inconspicuous area.


Addressing Deep Stains, Scratches, and Etching

Minimizing Damage for Slight Scratches

While deep etching is challenging to reverse, slight scratches may be minimized through buffing and re-sealing. Spritz the surface with water, apply a reputable marble polishing powder, and buff until the etch mark disappears, restoring the marble's shine.

Seeking Professional Assistance

For deep etching beyond repair, consulting a local stone restorer is advised. Professionals can refinish or repolish areas that cannot be reversed or improved through DIY methods.


Onyx Coffee Table

Zenga Onyx Coffee Table


Embracing the Timeless Beauty of Marble Furniture

Marble, a versatile and elegant natural stone, graces various furniture designs, from bedside tables to dining tables. While Elsa Home and Beauty employs high-grade sealing for protection, regular care and maintenance are essential for long-lasting beauty. For expert advice on cleaning and protecting your marble furniture, consult our product care advice. Explore our exquisite marble furniture designs online