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Como Carrara Marble Coffee Table

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1400 mm x 1800 mm x 400 mm


We take great pride in ensuring the utmost quality of stone and craftsmanship in every piece. Due to the inherent nature of natural stone, variations in color or pattern may occur, adding to its unique charm.

Please note that the images on our website serve as a reference only. If you prefer to inspect the stone before production, we can provide samples or slab images for your order. Each Elsa piece is distinct due to the natural characteristics of the material.

Embrace the uniqueness of your piece; that's the beauty of natural stone. No two pieces are identical, making it exclusively yours.

Stone being a natural product may contain fissures, cracks, holes and pits. These are not faults and are inherit within the stone which stems from the time the block is extracted from the mountains in the quarry it comes from. Whilst this product pictured is the exact product you will be receiving with the purchase, photos taken may show a slightly different representation due to angles and lighting used during photography.

Please take the time to read over our carefully crafted care guide to make sure you treat your Elsa Home & Beauty piece with Tender, Love & Care.

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- Ships from Milan, Italy

Materials & Finishes

When envisioning the remarkable marble sculptures and architectural marvels of the Italian Renaissance, the illustrious Carrara marble inevitably takes center stage. This legendary stone, forever etched into history, was favored by the Romans for the creation of the Pantheon and immortalized by Michelangelo through his masterful David statue.

The touch of Carrara marble elevates any space, infusing it with an ineffable beauty that transcends time. Characterized by its dominant white or white-gray hue, Carrara marble is a canvas of pure elegance, adorned with veins that meander from shades of blue-gray to deep charcoal gray.

Carrara marble's legacy traces back to ancient Rome, with the very first slabs hewn from Tuscany's quarries. Its role in art and architecture is undeniable, weaving a narrative that spans centuries of creative excellence.

Care & Lifting Guide

Inherently crafted for enduring permanence, our handcrafted pieces are meant to enjoy a long life span.

When moving our furniture, it's essential to avoid dragging them across the floor, as this could potentially damage the connections between various components, leading to harm.

Always opt to lift each piece from a sturdy edge and transport individual parts separately, ensuring the safety of the item and preventing any breakage during transportation.

Need Help?

Our team is here to assist you with all of your styling and shopping needs You can contact us via email at hello@elsahomeandbeauty.com.au To send a message via our website Contact Us

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A beautiful solid marble coffee table in stunning white, the oval shape featuring cut out detail for the conical legs adding further visual interest. The magnificent Carrara Coffee Table is an epitome of timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship. This Oval Marble Coffee Table is a true testament to the allure of Carrara marble, renowned for its unparalleled beauty and sophistication. Crafted with utmost precision, this Carrara Marble Coffee Table features a luxurious grey marble top that exudes an air of refined opulence.

Its vintage-inspired design pays homage to the grandeur of bygone eras, adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to any space. Meticulously sourced from Italy, this Vintage Marble Coffee Table showcases the unique veining patterns that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. With its smooth surface and sturdy construction, it offers both style and durability. Transform your living room or lounge into a sanctuary of timeless beauty with this exquisite Vintage Italian Marble Coffee Table. Elevate your decor with the seamless fusion of sophistication and history. Experience the allure of Carrara marble firsthand and create an ambiance that transcends trends, leaving an indelible impression on all who encounter it.


Carrara Oval Marble Coffee Table Details: 

- Size is 1800mm x 1400mm x 400mm (H)'

- Crafted from high-quality Carrara marble, renowned for its exquisite white and grey veining patterns.

- Generous tabletop size, perfect for displaying decor, books, or hosting gatherings.

- Sturdy construction ensures durability and long-lasting use.

All our bespoke designs are available for custom sizing and your specification of marble, please email us at hello@elsahomeandbeauty.com.au for any pricing combination of design and material.

Carrara Oval Coffee Table
Carrara Oval Coffee Table
Carrara Oval Coffee Table
Carrara Oval Coffee Table
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Where is the Carrara marble sourced from, and why is it unique?

The Carrara marble is meticulously sourced from Italy. Its uniqueness lies in the distinctive veining patterns, showcasing the natural beauty of the stone. Each Vintage Marble Coffee Table is a true testament to the allure of Carrara marble.

How would you describe the vintage-inspired design of the Carrara Coffee Table?

The vintage-inspired design pays homage to the grandeur of bygone eras, adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to any space. It seamlessly blends sophistication with history, creating a timeless and elegant piece.

How does the oval shape of the Carrara Coffee Table enhance the vintage-inspired design?

The oval shape is a key element in the vintage-inspired design, echoing the elegance of furniture from bygone eras. It adds a touch of nostalgia and contributes to the overall charm of the Carrara Coffee Table

Are there spatial advantages to choosing an oval shape for smaller rooms or cozy spaces?

Yes, the oval shape is advantageous in smaller rooms or cozy spaces. Its rounded form makes it easier to navigate around, optimizing space while maintaining a substantial surface area for utility and aesthetics.

How does Carrara marble differ from Calacatta marble?

Carrara and Calacatta are both high-quality marbles from Italy, but they have distinct characteristics:

Carrara Marble:

Origin: Quarried in the Carrara region of Tuscany, Italy.
Color: Generally gray or blue-gray with softer veining.
Veining: Fine and feathery veins for a more subtle appearance.
Cost: Typically more affordable than Calacatta marble.
Calacatta Marble:

Origin: Also from Carrara, but extracted from different quarries.
Color: Known for a bright white background.
Veining: Thicker and bolder veins for a more pronounced look.
Rarity: Considered rarer than Carrara marble, often leading to higher costs.