Travertine Neutral Decor

Style Guide: Embracing Neutrality in Your Home

Creating a home that emanates a soothing, timeless charm often starts with a neutral color palette. From calming whites to earthy tones and gentle greys, neutrals provide the perfect backdrop for any interior style. If you're drawn to the simplicity and elegance of neutral hues, we've curated a selection of our favorite items to complement your taste. Explore our handpicked collection and elevate your space with understated sophistication.


The Neutral Palette: A Timeless Choice

Neutral colors go beyond trends, offering a versatile canvas that adapts to various aesthetics. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more classic and traditional feel, neutrals provide the foundation for creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your home.


Our Top Picks for Neutral Home Decor

Franca Travertine Dining Table

Our top pick for a neutral yet striking dining table, the Franca Round Dining Table is a beautiful showcase of unique travertine. With its character and depth, this table adds a touch of sophistication to your dining room, making it a standout centerpiece.





Zeta Travertine Low Console

A structural masterpiece, the Zeta Travertine Console defines elegance with its arched curvature. This console offers a striking yet subtle feature for any room. The playfully elegant frame perfectly complements the soft calming resin, creating a stunning visual in your living space.



Zenga Coffee Table

Indulge in the understated elegance of the Onyx Coffee Table in a warm caramel hue. With a simple and sleek design, this coffee table showcases the captivating beauty of natural stone, specifically the rich tones of caramel-colored onyx. The exquisite onyx surface, with its unique veining and warm caramel shades, becomes a focal point in your home, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.


Zenga Onyx Coffee Table


Onda Travertine Side Table

Discover the allure of the Curved Travertine Side Table adorned with exquisite gold leaf detailing. The graceful curvature and refined craftsmanship make this side table a statement piece in your living space. Its elegant design seamlessly blends with the surrounding elements, combining the natural beauty of stone with the luxurious touch of gold leaf accents.


Travertine Side Table

Travertine Silver Art Deco Fireplace

Embrace the opulence and glamour of the Art Deco Fireplace as the focal point of your room. Featuring intricate detailing, a stunning silhouette, and a design that captures the essence of the Art Deco era, this fireplace effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of your space. Whether complemented by matching decor or standing alone, the Art Deco Fireplace adds a touch of timeless elegance to your home.


travertine silver fireplace

Explore our complete Neutral Home Collection to discover more curated pieces that effortlessly blend into your sophisticated and timeless interior.