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Embracing the Resurgence: The Comeback of a Once "Controversial" Furniture Trend

From kitchen counters to decorative trays, marble has dominated the design scene for years. Now, this timeless stone isn't limited to traditional surfaces; you can find it in unexpected places like paper towel holders and coasters at popular retailers such as Target.

In a noteworthy shift from the sleek marble designs of the 2010s, there's a resurgence of interest in brutalist marble furniture reminiscent of its heyday in the 1970s and '80s. Departing from delicate bases and slim tops, the trend leans towards sculptural, low-slung, and ultra-modern designs, evoking the spirit of the 1970s lounge craze. Leading the charge is Elsa Home & Beauty, Crate & Barrel, and Anthropologie.


marble coffee table


Characterized by sharp silhouettes, carved details, and matching bases, these dining, side, and end tables stay true to the original brutalist design principles. MyDomaine defines brutalism as an architectural style marked by deliberate plainness, crudity, and transparency, often interpreted as austere and menacing.

While the brutalist look can be polarizing, appearing ultra-modern and borderline aggressive, it takes on a new life when balanced with softer silhouettes and warm, natural materials like walnut and rattan. A Carrara marble side table, when styled as a stand-alone piece, becomes an art sculpture in its own right.

While the trend is undeniably cool, it's crucial to heed the less-is-more mantra. Avoid an overpowering aesthetic by mixing your marble piece with various shapes, materials, colours, and textures, achieving an elevated and artful look. Explore this ultra-cool trend for a refreshing take on marble's enduring appeal.


1. Marble Plinth Coffee Table

Calacatta Viola Plinth Coffee Table

Indulge in the epitome of brutalist elegance with this striking piece from Elsa Home & Beauty. Its unrivalled brutalist design captivates, boasting rich burgundy veining that adds a touch of opulence. Picture this beauty as the centrepiece of your space, adorned with oversized coffee table books, vibrant florals, and a couple of wooden decorative objects for that perfect contrast.


2. Green Marble Stools

green marble stools

Step into the realm where furniture meets art with the Juniper Green side table. This stunning piece seamlessly blends functionality and artistic expression. Standing at a modest 18 inches tall, the green side table offers the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the mesmerizing world of marble. Ideal for those contemplating the marble look, this small yet versatile piece invites you to explore the allure of marble in a compact and stylish form


3. Kyklos Black Marble Side Table

marble side tableExperience the perfect marriage of cool, modern marble and a gentle, contemporary silhouette with this Elsa Home & Beauty masterpiece. It's the best of both worlds, offering a brutalist-lite aesthetic that effortlessly blends sophistication and warmth. Whether as a chic nightstand or a stylish cocktail table beside your favorite cozy accent chair, this piece promises versatility and style in one.



When you select a product from Elsa Home & Beauty, you're not merely acquiring a piece of furniture; you're embracing a rich legacy of meticulous craftsmanship where every detail is thoughtfully considered. Our pieces, crafted with precision and care, resonate with the essence of Italian design & embodies a tradition that transcends borders. At Elsa Home & Beauty, we extend this legacy worldwide, ensuring that our furniture not only graces homes but also becomes a part of a global narrative rooted in design mastery and timeless sophistication.

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